Riana Nel

This Namibian beauty sprouts from a musical family and is therefore no “newbie” to good music.

Die Heuwels Fantasties

Die Heuwel Fantasties is a proudly South African Alternative Pop Rock group that was formed in 2008.

Matthew Mole

Matthew Mole is a young, South African musician and songwriter from the beautiful city of Cape Town.

Valiant Swart

Valiant Swart was born on November 25, 1965 in South Africa as Pierre Nolte. He is an actor, musician and songwriter.

The Oh so Serious

The Oh So Serious band is one of the hardest working folk collectives in South Africa.

Josie Field

Josie Field celebrates nine years in the music industry and is the proud creator of four musical genius albums.

Laurie Levine

Laurie Levine can stand proud with great albums behind her name. “Unspoken” was produced in 2007, followed by “Living room” (2009), and “Six Winters” (2011).