The Highest Festival in South Africa

Africa usually conjures pictures in the mind’s eye of dry savanna fields and dwindling waterholes.

Unusually for Africa, Dullstroom – South Africa’s highest town – has a sub-Alpine climate and is well known for its cool, often misty atmosphere, lending it a mysterious air of the Scottish Highlands. The magical surroundings make you believe that anything can happen. Entertain the feeling and see why Dullstroom is different than the rest.

The high mountainous precipitation and mists throughout most months of the year, together with low temperatures, frost, snow and fire, all contribute to the distinctive local vegetation type. The extreme variation of natural elements create vegetation so beautiful; it almost seems dreamlike. This vegetation type has a vulnerable conservation status and Dullstroom is considered an important area for conservation of rare and endemic species.

Although it is predominantly a grassland area, the north-eastern Mountain Sourveld area has been classified as Inland Tropical Forest due to the patches of forest in the sheltered ravines, gorges and valleys of the escarpment.

Many endemic plant species thrive here, 78 of which are found flourishing on the Black Reef quartzites alone. It is thought that more than 200 species of wild flowers can be found here, if you look closely enough. The beauty and splendor of flamboyant flowers cannot be missed among the grasses and outcrops of rocks: delicate irises, daisies and mints; gladioli, wahlenbergias, osteospermums and pelargoniums; the striking and large bright pink head of the tumbleweed, which is actually a lily; white, pink and golden arum lilies; and more than 50 species of ground orchids can be enjoyed here. Even if you are not a flora fan and you do not understand a word of the fauna-lingo: Know this – The flowers are breathtakingly beautiful.

Watch these beautiful hills come to life with the sound of music on the 1st of April during the Lekkerland Carnival. Your heart will skip a beat with every sound it hears. Brace yourself to overwhelm your senses with sight, sound, smell and taste. Indulge in the beauty and mystery of this enchanted town.